Creating Eco-Crowdfunding on a Global Scale

The main objective of Planet Heroes is to improve the ecological situation in regions of the world with exceptional natural values but located in less developed countries where ecological awareness is not common.

We want to distribute wealth from the north to the south of the globe and let people living in the cities employ and participate in environmental protection. We want to facilitate the transfer of funds from Patrons to people who want to carry out eco activities and to provide a reward for people who work for the benefit of the earth.

We want to use technology to create a low entry work force on a global scale. Encourage Patrons to adopt azero-waste lifestyle by revealing the effect of excessive consumption.


Caring For The Planet

Engaging people in the process of caring for Planet Earth

Eco Awareness

Creating environmental education and developing awareness

Earning Opportunity

Providing an opportunity for people from poorer areas to do meaningful work


The Patrons can score points in the ranking, gain trophies and certificates of support


Bit About
Global Pollution

Pollution is among the greatest threats to life and well-being that we face today, and it’s blamed for some 9 million deaths every year. Most of the victims are in the developing world, but there are few people on the planet that are immune from danger.

  • Low-entry work forces
  • Employment via app
  • Zero-waste lifestyle
  • Local cleanup

 Who can support our idea?

The application is addressed to three type of users:



Inhabitants of large cities with above-average income and paying a lot of attention to ecology. Who often have sincere intentions, but they are not able to engage in direct activities involving the cleaning up the planet.



Young people with access to mobile technology, living in areas of great environmental importance, wanting to carry out work for the benefit of the Earth in exchange for support from Patrons.



Corporate Section

Companies which decided to take patronage over a chosen area (e.g. beach or forest) within their CSR budgets and in accordance with the applicable corporate policy.


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